Rise in senior interim appointments

14th July 2016

Brexit has undoubtedly impacted the economic scenery. The only real certainty is we are in a period of uncertainty. Interim Management has always proved to be relatively economically resilient and as long as there is change, demand for interim managers remains strong. Short term thinking is certainly at the forefront of hiring strategies and with cost cutting sensitivities around the UK there exist industry specific skill shortages. The demand for project specific Interim Managers has already begun to increase. This is primarily in the interim to substantive arena and there has been an incremental increase in the number of permanent executive assignment converting or indeed dismantling into Executive Interim assignments. Turnaround and change specialists, particularly within HR and Marketing have seen a notable rise. It is not irrelevant that in uncertain times a senior interim has an arguably great economic value to a business than a less experienced management consultant. We have seen a rise in the uptake in Risk and Compliance specialists.